WE MUST SELL OUR BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION. ALL ARE RETIRED, HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER, and VERY HARD TO FIND! Slightly imperfect due to years of moving. The flaws are miniscule, and unnoticeable as noted. OFFERING EXCELLENT PRICES, AND WILL CONSIDER YOUR BEST OFFERS! CASH and PAYPAL accepted, and will ship outside the DC metro area. Please type in item numbers at ARETIREDCOLLECTION.COM to view pictures. Missing a TINY flower on the BACK SIDE. Not noticeable unless looking for it: #1447 Michiko - Retired 2007. Retail is $615. Asking $285 OBO #1450 Kiyoko - Retired 1998. Retail is $750. Asking $285 OBO Missing a SMALL flower piece, which does NOT detract from them: #4807 Geisha - HUGE!! Retired 1993. Retail is $690. Asking $345 OBO #4840 Oriental Girl - Retired 1997. Retail is $685. Asking $285 OBO A FAINT glue line, from wrist being re-attached: #735 (Nao) Madame Butterfly - VERY TALL!! Retired 1996. Retail $150. Asking $89 OBO A break on lower part of one sleeve. Still displays beautifully, and people do not notice the imperf unless pointed out. #5773 Graceful Offering - VERY TALL, AND EXTREMELY RARE!! Limited Production 1991-1994. It retails for $1575, and is worth repairing (if desired) due to its RARITY AND HIGH VALUE. Asking ONLY $295 OBO A $4,465 collection, PRICED TO SELL at $1,585!! ******* $1585 is a 65% reduction off retail, ONLY .35CENT ON THE DOLLAR!! ******* A few pieces more than pays for the entire collection!! ALL THE OTHER pieces ARE FREE!!!! MAKE A REASONABLE OFFER FOR THE GROUP, a smaller group, or buy just one. We accept CASH and PAYPAL, and will ship outside the DC metro area. Buyer pays insured shipping costs. Local buyers in MD (near DC), DC and NoVA (near DC) may use PAYPAL, but must pick items up. Sales are final. ALSO SEE OUR FINE COLLECTIBLES LISTINGS FOR MULTI-ETHNIC ARMANI FLORENCE FIGURINES, LLADRO PORCELAIN, AND THOMAS BLACKSHEAR EBONY VISIONS.